Speed Sense for Driving InstructorsSpeed Sense for Driving Instructors

You’re already doing all you can to ensure that your pupils develop into safe and courteous road users. Now there’s a new training aid called Speed Sense that will reinforce their learning based around COAST (Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time).

Speed Sense is an interactive product for your PC or laptop. It’s published by Focus Multimedia, who also publish Driving Test Success, the UK’s best-selling driving test software.

Speed Sense is the perfect accompaniment to practical driving lessons, Pass Plus and refresher courses. Fully interactive and visually engaging, Speed Sense can be installed on a laptop and used for in-car tutoring by an ADI or it can be used at home by your pupils.

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that young drivers are particularly at risk on our roads, with official statistics showing that one in five new drivers has an accident within 6 months of passing their driving test.

Speed Sense tackles this problem head on by providing further training for new and inexperienced drivers who, through no fault of their own, have yet to experience and fully appreciate the risks of speeding. The software reinforces how important it is for drivers to recognise the risks and consequences of speeding and adapt their behaviour so that they stay safe on the roads. Through immersive and engaging videos, interactive tests and quizzes, Speed Sense actively encourages drivers to consider the effects that even a small amount of excess speed can have. You can click here for more detailed product features.

Speed Sense has been created by a team of road safety professionals and experienced driving instructors. It is already being offered to people who attend speed awareness courses in Staffordshire.

Speed Sense has been developed in conjunction with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership. You can buy a copy now from the Focus Multimedia website.