Speed Sense for the Concerned ParentSpeed Sense for the Concerned Parent

Do you worry about your son or daughter getting behind the wheel of a car? Are you concerned that their inexperience could lead to the loss of their driving licence, or even worse, an accident?

Acquiring a driving licence is a landmark event in our lives. Most of us can still remember the incredible feeling of freedom that we suddenly found ourselves with. This newfound freedom comes with a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that young drivers are particularly at risk on our roads, with official statistics showing that one in five new drivers has an accident within 6 months of passing their driving test.

PLUS – since 1st June 1997, people passing their first driving test are ‘on probation’ for two years. A total of six or more penalty points during that time will mean they have to go back to learner status, apply for a new provisional licence and take the test again.

With this in mind, further education is vital if young drivers are to recognise the risks and consequences of speeding and adapt their behaviour so that they stay safe on the roads. That’s where Speed Sense from Focus Multimedia can help.

Speed Sense is an interactive product for your PC or laptop. It is an immersive and engaging learning aid that shows new drivers the importance of becoming safe and courteous road users. The software has been created by a team of road safety professionals and experienced driving instructors. It is of great benefit to new drivers who, through no fault of their own, have yet to experience and fully appreciate the risks of speeding.

Speed Sense will teach new drivers how to read the road ahead and stay within the legal speed limits.

As motorists we are all aware that speed limits exist and that they must be obeyed, but unfortunately drivers do find themselves travelling above the speed limit. Sometimes this is done accidentally and sometimes intentionally. There can be many contributing factors when speeding, such as being late for work, the speed of other traffic around us, peer pressure, or lack of attention to the road ahead.

Speed Sense has been developed in conjunction with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership. You can buy a copy now from the Focus Multimedia website.