Speed Training now available to all

Staffordshire speedsters attending a Speed Awareness course in the county will be able to practise their new found skills; not on the road, but via a brand new free interactive PC DVD, ‘Speed Sense’, now available to course attendees.

Speed awareness courses are only offered to those drivers who have been caught over the posted speed limit, but within the parameters set by Staffordshire Police as an alternative to prosecution under the fixed penalty system.

The course looks at why people exceed speed limits and helps drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy to avoid future lapses leading to misuse of speed. ‘Speed Sense’, developed by a Rugeley based leading multimedia company, Focus, in conjunction with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, covers many topics covered in the course and enables attendees to practice what they have learned back in the comfort of their own home. Friends and family can have a go as well; an opportunity they wouldn’t normally benefit from.

Councillor Mike Maryon for the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership is pleased that the skills being given to Speed Awareness Course attendees will now reach even more drivers.

“We believe very strongly that education makes a much more worthwhile contribution to reducing road casualties than prosecution which is why we are committed to offering courses like Speed Awareness.”

“We receive hundreds of positive comments about the courses, with many suggesting that all drivers should be given the opportunity to attend. Whilst this is not an option as it is offered through only as an alternative to prosecution, the development of Speed Sense means that many more people will have the opportunity to enhance or refresh their driving skills and in the comfort of their own home.”

The DVD runs on a standard computer and is highly informative and interactive. Viewers are taken through the concept of COAST (concentration, observation, anticipation, space and time) and a variety of useful defensive driving techniques via quizzes, video footage games and a library of useful hints and tips.

Speed Sense also has a website: www.speed-sense.co.uk which contains more information and samples of the content.