Interactive training aid drives home the speed awareness message

British software publisher Focus Multimedia has partnered with Staffordshire County Council’s Road Safety Unit to produce a highly innovative new training product that aims to save lives by reducing the number of casualties on our roads.

Speed Sense is the UK’s first fully interactive software that covers the topics prescribed in the National Model for Speed Awareness Courses. It supports Government casualty reduction targets by encouraging drivers to consider the effects that even a small amount of excess speed can have.

Using the acronym C.O.A.S.T. (Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time), Speed Sense delivers video, engaging tests and interactive exercises to show drivers the benefits of safe driving.

Topics include Observation, Hazard Perception, Divided Attention, Distance Following and Stopping Distance. Road users are also invited to explore the consequences of speeding and accept personal responsibility for their choice of speed.

Speed Sense is ideal for many different situations, for example:

  • Speed Awareness Courses
  • Road Safety Presentations
  • Community Speed Watch follow-up letters
  • Business Drivers
  • Pre-Driver Training
  • Pass Plus Scheme

The software is the result of many months of work by a team of road safety professionals, experienced driver trainers and Imagitech, the development team behind Driving Test Success, the UK’s best-selling driving test software at retail since 1997.

Speed Sense acts as an invaluable refresher course for anybody who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle,” said Grant Hughes, PR and Marketing Manager at Focus Multimedia. “We are confident it will save lives.”

Hughes adds: “The team has done a fantastic job of producing a highly interactive and visual tool that engages road users from all walks of life.”

Speed Sense is available to order now direct from Focus Multimedia. Please see or call 01889 570156 for more details. The packaging can also be personalised to incorporate your organisation’s logo (minimum quantity required).